It’s a dark and dangerous universe out there. In order to survive you’re gonna need your essentials. They can be broken down into five categories: Cores, Heavies, Gear, Weapons and Ride. The marketplace is the beating heart of the new economy and this is where you will find everything you’ll need or want. Do the job, get paid, buy new upgrades, rinse and repeat.


Forget that old limited pile of pudgy goo you used to call your body. Life continues now with the ability to upload your consciousness into synthetic cores. Survival remains closely tied to what is referred to as the Link. Getting set up with a core will be your starting point. With infinite amounts of makes and models to choose from it can be hard to decide. Choose one that speaks to you or better yet choose a few.


Oh we’re just getting started. Now that you’re all setup with your core you’re free to roam within hubs or megacities. But if you really want to venture out into the unknown you’re gonna need something that can handle more severe conditions. Introducing the Heavies. These bad boys are larger in size and are designed for more specific tasks. Whether you’re on radiation filled planets like Crious5 or heavy gravity stricken Tratenus, Heavies can handle the job. Choose the right one that best suits your needs. But be careful with these. They require more stamina so you’ll need to recharge or be forced to upload back to your core.


It’s time to get you upgraded. Nobody wants to be stuck with a base core. It’s time to put your own flavor into your core, show the universe who you really are. Of course all these upgrades will prove useful to you, let’s be honest, a lot of it’s also for show. Don’t be a “basic”, it’s time to get noticed and show your true colors.


Like we said, the universe is a dangerous place. Arm yourself if you want to survive. Anything from your basic short range pistols all the way up to advanced tech heavy artillery. Complete a few jobs, upgrade your arsenal, rinse and repeat.


Ok, you’re almost set. But you’re gonna need a way to traverse through the universe. Need something to zig zag through the traffic congestion of Landsdowne City? You’ll love the latest Spin model. Looking for something to get you through the long trek through desert Crug? GC9 is a long-legged crawler that’ll suit your needs. There’s something for everyone with the right amount of credits.